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Individual Game Stats For flag UnrealGGecko
(T:S:B)IceLizard wins the match!
XC MonsterHunt
Players 5 [0] Bots
Match Length: 426.77
Fri Nov 08 2019 15:15:00 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
Played 1573247700
Views 278
Server ~~~~[TributeSrv] - ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - [NL]
(T:S:B)IceLizard wins the match with 180 points.
Frag Performance
Player Playtime Deaths Suicides Teamkills Monster Kills Score
flag UnrealGGecko (4th) 423.981 1 1 2 12 58
Weapon Stats
Player Shots Hits Kills Damage Accuracy
flag UnrealGGecko (4th) 100.00%
Match Rankings Summary
Player Total Matches Ranking Change Ranking After Match Current Ranking
flag UnrealGGecko 1 icon-50.95 icon50.95 50.95 (4th) icon0.00