llq's Match Report
Loque won with 1 Points
~~~~[FridayFragNights!] - ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - [NL]
Tournament DeathMatch
Monday 22nd November 2021 19:11
Match Length 77 Mins, 37 Secs
Players 8
Match Screenshot
Frag Summary
Weapon Statistics
Sniper Rifle0.00 %0.00%
Shock Rifle0.00 %0.00%
Enforcer0.00 %0.00%
Enhanced Shock Rifle0.00 %20.00%
Pulse Gun0.00 %1500.00%
Minigun0.00 %730.00%
Rocket Launcher10.00 %0.00%57
GES Bio Rifle0.00 %0.00%32
Chainsaw0.00 %0.00%
Flak Cannon0.00 %60.00%
Match Ranking Summary
Previous RankingMatch RankingRanking ChangeRanking After MatchCurrent Ranking
365.71303.9544icon-61.76icon303.9544(46th) icon303.9544
Team Summary
TimestampTeam Joined
00:00Red Team
02:28Red Team
15:59Red Team
17:35Red Team
50:13Red Team
1:14:44Red Team
1:17:18Red Team
Connection Summary
00:00Joined the server
02:22Left the server
02:28Joined the server
10:40Left the server
15:59Joined the server
16:03Left the server
17:35Joined the server
22:57Left the server
50:13Joined the server
50:58Left the server
1:14:44Joined the server
1:15:20Left the server
1:17:18Joined the server
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