21's Match Report
´esnesi won with 36 Points
GunGame DeathMatch on DM-Madhouse
~~~~[FridayFragNights!] - ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - [NL]
29th Apr 2022 20:37
Match Length 13 Mins, 17 Secs
Players 6
Match Screenshot
Frag Summary
General Data
Kill Distances
PlaytimeScoreFragsKillsDeathsSuicidesHeadshotsSpawn KillsEfficiency
Power Ups Summary
ItemTimes UsedTotal Time
Jump Boots3N/A
Weapon Statistics
Impact Hammer7187.50 %0.00%1.89 K
Shock Rifle4544.44 %31929.03%1.58 K
Ripper3175.00 %8922.25%68
Enforcer3175.00 %371643.24%400
GES Bio Rifle3633.33 %0.00%569
Flak Cannon3442.86 %1840222.22%1.30 K
Pulse Gun3260.00 %146234160.27%1.04 K
Rocket Launcher3442.86 %0.00%602
Minigun3537.50 %2305423.48%846
Sniper Rifle3730.00 %15853.33%840
Enhanced Shock Rifle3537.50 %19631.58%9.00 K
Redeemer1516.67 %10440.00%6.48 K
Pickups Summary
Health VialUnsorted16
Health PackUnsorted5
AntiGrav BootsUnsorted3
Match Ranking Summary
Previous RankingMatch RankingRanking ChangeRanking After MatchCurrent Ranking
564.87565.1541icon0.28icon565.1541(7th) icon 565.1541
Ping Summary
Min PingAverage PingMax Ping
Team Summary
TimestampTeam Joined
00:00Blue Team
Connection Summary
00:00Joined the server
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