(oO)'s Match Report
(oO) won with 1 Points
GunGame Last Man Standing on DM-Malevolence
~~~~[FridayFragNights!] - ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - [NL]
29th Apr 2022 23:56
Match Length 5 Mins, 49 Secs
Players 7
Match Screenshot
Frag Summary
General Data
Kill Distances
PlaytimeScoreFragsKillsDeathsSpawn KillsEfficiency
Special Events
First Blood
Weapon Statistics
Rocket Launcher3260.00 %0.00%801
Enhanced Shock Rifle2250.00 %7457.14%5.89 K
Pulse Gun2166.67 %118216183.05%617
GES Bio Rifle2100.00 %0.00%344
Shock Rifle1150.00 %5360.00%614
Sniper Rifle1150.00 %8675.00%308
Impact Hammer1150.00 %0.00%780
Minigun0.00 %23417.39%54
Flak Cannon0.00 %9888.89%128
Enforcer0.00 %28828.57%128
Ripper20.00 %741013.51%209
Match Ranking Summary
Previous RankingMatch RankingRanking ChangeRanking After MatchCurrent Ranking
49.6651.7263icon2.07icon51.7263(5th) icon 51.7263
Ping Summary
Min PingAverage PingMax Ping
Team Summary
TimestampTeam Joined
00:00Blue Team
Connection Summary
00:00Joined the server
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