{SFM}Jaquio`'s Match Report
exer2k won with 1 Points
Tournament DeathMatch on DM-![ACE]DeadwoodV2
~~~~[FridayFragNights!] - ClassicUT99 - All-In-One! - [NL]
18th June 2022 1:24
Match Length 12 Mins, 5 Secs
Players 7
Match Screenshot
Frag Summary
Power Ups Summary
ItemTimes UsedTotal Time
Body Armor1N/A
Jump Boots1N/A
Weapon Statistics
Sniper Rifle0.00 %10.00%
Pickups Summary
AntiGrav BootsUnsorted1
Body ArmorUnsorted1
Match Ranking Summary
Previous RankingMatch RankingRanking ChangeRanking After MatchCurrent Ranking
769.41750.6516icon-18.76icon750.6516(12th) icon 750.6516
Ping Summary
Min PingAverage PingMax Ping
Team Summary
TimestampTeam Joined
00:00Red Team
01:42Red Team
02:51Red Team
04:23Red Team
05:05Red Team
05:22Red Team
Connection Summary
00:00Joined the server
00:36Left the server
01:42Joined the server
02:32Left the server
02:51Joined the server
04:20Left the server
04:23Joined the server
04:56Left the server
05:05Joined the server
05:08Left the server
05:22Joined the server
05:44Left the server
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